Term and Condition




  1. Internet Banking BRI is a distribution channel of BRI to access the Customer's accounts held through the Internet using browser software on the computer.
  2. Customer is an individual savings account holders in rupiah BRI form or Simpedes Britama BRI Savings Online.
  3. User Customer is a Customer who has registered as a user's Internet Banking service BRI.
  4. BRI Branch Office / BRI Branch Support Office is all BRI / BRI branch offices throughout Indonesia, which is not limited to the Branch Office BRI / BRI Branch Office of origin (Opening Savings Account).
  5. User ID is the identity of every User Customer to be included / inputted in any use of the Internet Banking service BRI.
  6. Password of BRI Internet Banking is a combination of numbers and letters as a personal identification that is confidential and known only to User Customer to be included / inputted by User Customer at the time of using the Internet Banking service BRI. Together with the User ID, Password used to verify that customers are concerned that customers are entitled BRI Internet Banking service.
  7. mTOKEN is a means of additional security in the form of SMS alerts being sent to the HP Customer Users who have registered for Internet Banking services BRI and used whenever the customer makes financial transactions.
  8. Number (code) Activation m TOKEN is a combination of number 6 (six) digits are sent by internet banking registration system via SMS to the user after the relevant HP customers to register via the Customer Financial Services.
  9. The effective date is the date specified in which a transaction is done with the existing system based on BRI.


  1. To use Internet Banking BRI service, the customer must Register in ATM BRI and BRI Branch Office Registration / BRI Branch Office.
  2. Internet Banking Register in ATM BRI BRI BRI card to get a User ID and password.
  3. Registration Branch BRI / BRI Branch Office is required so that customers can conduct financial transactions on Internet Banking BRI.
  4. Customer must complete and sign the Internet Banking Application Form which can be obtained at the Branch Office BRI / BRI Branch Office with the original proof of valid identification (ID card, driving license, passport, KIMS) and proof of ownership of the account holder.
  5. Customer HP has HP and number of operators who have been working with BRI (Telkomsel, Indosal, XL, Flexi, Esia and Fren)
  6. Customer must have the E-mail address.
  7. have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Internet Banking BRI.


  1. Customer Users can use Internet Banking services BRI to obtain information and conduct transactions or Banks that have been determined by the BRI.
  2. The first time you use Internet Banking services BRI, the Customer User
    1. should replace the previous Internet banking password made at the ATM with the other password digits comprising 8-12 (Alphanumeric)
    2. must include an email client to use the User to receive transaction reports or other information.
    3. If you have previously been done regristrasi Financial, after the above step User Customer must activate m TOKEN by entering number (code) Activation m TOKEN.
  3. For each transaction:
    1. User Customer is obligated to ensure the accuracy and completeness command transaction (including ensuring that all data required for the transaction has been completed fully and correctly). BRI is not responsible for any consequences that may arise due to negligence, incompleteness, vagueness, or inaccuracy command / data from the User Customer.
    2. Customer Users have the opportunity to examine or cancel and return the data that has been filled at the time confirmation is done automatically by the system before approved the transaction in question.
    3. approve the execution of a transaction conducted if User Customer has believed in the truth and completeness of data filled during the system prompt. As a sign User Customer approval shall include Addons m TOKEN and Internet Banking password in the space provided on our Internet Banking service transactions BRI.
  4. Any transaction that has been ordered to the BRI and approved by the Client user can not be canceled.
  5. Any command that has been approved by the User Customer stored in a data center BRI is the correct data is accepted as evidence of the Customer User command to BRI to carry out the transaction in question.
  6. BRI accept and execute any command from the Customer User as a legitimate order based on the use of User ID and Password and for that BRI has no obligation to investigate or investigate the authenticity or the validity or the user's authority User ID and Password or a judge and prove the correctness and completeness of the orders in question, and therefore the order legally binding on the User Customer, as appropriate.
  7. In any financial transaction, the system will always confirm to the User Customer data is inputted and User Customer has the opportunity to cancel the data by clicking the "Cancel". As a sign of approval for the data Internet Banking transactions are displayed, User Customer must clicking the "Continue" on the confirmation menu of financial transactions.
  8. Any information / transaction has been approved Users of the Customer's data is stored in the data center which is received as evidence under the instructions of the Customer Users to BRI to conduct the transaction in question.
  9. To deal effectively with today's date, the Customer Users can not cancel all the transactions that have been Users authorized by the Customer with a Password and Addons m TOKEN and obtain approval of the User, because in the same time BRI directly process those instructions.
  10. To deal with the date of the coming day or periodic transactions, the Customer Users can still cancel the transaction to authorize the cancellation of using m TOKEN no later than 1 (one) day before the effective date / fall transaction date.
  11. To deal with the type of the date of the coming day or periodic transaction, the transaction will be processed beginning of each day.
  12. BRI reserves the right to not carry out the orders of the Customer The user, if:
    1. User Customer's account balance at the BRI are not sufficient or account blocked / closed or based on other considerations of BRI customers will be notified to the User, or
    2. BRI know or have reason to suspect that fraud or criminal action has been or will be done.
  13. User Customer shall ensure that the balance in the account User Customer basis before transaction instructions executed by BRI.
  14. User Customer shall be responsible for ensure the accuracy and completeness of transaction instructions. BRI does not responsible for any consequences arising from any incompleteness, vagueness or inaccuracy of data instructions Users of the Customer.
  15. As proof that the transactions were ordered the Customer Users have been successfully conducted by BRI, User Customer will get a transaction receipt transaction number / reference to the our Internet Banking service transactions BRI.
  16. User Customer agrees and acknowledges:
    1. That record, tape / cartridge, a computer print out, copy or any information storage or other data as evidence legitimate under the instructions of the Customer User, as well as the means other communications received or sent by BRI.
    2. To not deny the validity, correctness or authenticity evidence and instructions electronically transmitted communications between the two sides, including the document in the form of notes computer or voucher BRI, tape / cartridge, print out computers, copy or other form of information storage, and any tool or these are the only evidence the legitimate banking transactions through Internet Banking BRI.
    3. By conducting transactions through Internet Banking BRI, User Customer acknowledges all communications and instructions from User Customer BRI received will be treated as valid evidence even if not made a written document or signed document is issued.
  17. Top discretion, BRI has the right to change transaction limit.
  18. right to terminate BRI BRI service to Internet Banking temporarily or for a specified period of time by BRI for renewal, maintenance or for the purpose any other reason deemed good by the BRI, and for that BRI shall not accountable to anyone.
  19. Use of Email:
      E-Mail Address
    1. registered by User Customer an email that will be used by the BRI to send transaction information that has been done by User Customer BRI via Internet Banking.
    2. BRI only send information to your E-Mail has been confirmed yet by the Customer User to BRI and BRI is not responsible for the accuracy of your E-Mail is.
    3. BRI does not guarantee the security of information or data sent to BRI via E-Mail that does not exist on the Internet Banking BRI, which is not in a secure format approved or determined by the BRI.


  1. User ID and Password are confidential code and authorized their use on the Client User. User ID are fixed and can not be changed by User Customer. Customer Users are required to maintain a good User ID and Password are.
  2. BRI reserves the right to provide the User ID with a combination of letters and the numbers without having to obtain prior approval from Customers.
  3. User ID and Password User Customer will be blocked if do the following:
    1. One enter your User ID / Password as much as 3 times a row in one day
    2. One insert number of Addons m 3 times TOKEN in a row at the time of financial transactions.
    3. One put Number Activation
    4. Addons m 3 times TOKEN a row in one day
    5. Asking BRI card replacement and or reported to Card BRI is lost.
    6. User ID and PIN reported or known to the people other
    7. Forgot Password
    8. BRI results indicate the possibility User ID and PIN user has to be known by others.
  4. If the Customer intends Users will use the service internet banking BRI after User ID and Password is blocked, then for the case of blocking caused by:
    1. Point 3a, 3b and 3c: User Customer must contact Call BRI to open blokirnya after being verified.
    2. Point 3d, 3e, 3f and 3g: User Customer must contact call BRI and re-register Internet Babking BRI BRI at ATM machines.
  5. User Customer must secure User ID and Password Internet Banking by:
    1. not notify User ID and Password Internet Banking to others.
    2. Internet Banking Password Not recorded on paper or store it in writing or other storage facilities which lets other people know.
    3. Be careful using the User ID and Password Internet Banking BRI that no one else knows.
    4. Change Internet Banking Password
    5. BRI regularly.
    6. not use Internet Banking Password provided by someone else or are easy to guess such as date of birth or combination, telephone number and so on.
  6. the Customer User know or suspect Password Internet Banking BRI has been known by other people who do not authorities, the Customer shall promptly provide security Users by changing the password.
    If for any reason unable to perform the User Customer Password changes the User must notify the Customer BRI. Any transaction instructions on the use of User ID, Password and Addons m TOKEN that occurred before the competent authority BRI received in writing of the report are the sole Users of the Customer's full responsibility.
  7. Use of User ID and Password Internet Banking BRI have the same legal force with written instructions Users signed by the Customer, including but not limited to debit the Client's account users in both the ordered the implementation of transactions and to payment of transaction costs that have been and / or will be set then by the BRI.
  8. Any misuse User ID and Password Internet Banking BRI (including Addons m TOKEN) is the responsibility of the Customer Users. Users hereby indemnify Customer from any BRI any claim which may arise, either from the other party or Customer's own users as a result of abuse or User ID BRI Internet Banking password.


    Information foreign exchange rates, interest rates and other rates provided on the Internet Banking BRI only an indication of exchange rates prevailing at the time, and can be changed at any time by BRI without prior notice.

    User Transactions in foreign currencies using exchange rates prevailing at the BRI at the time the transaction is executed.


  1. BRI reserves the right to debit the monthly administrative fee and or transaction fees charged for use of facilities BRI and Internet Banking transactions conducted via the Internet Banking BRI.
  2. BRI has the right in its sole discretion to alter, add or withdraw the costs charged to the Customer Users on the use of Internet Banking BRI.
  3. User Customer hereby agrees that for BRI use internet banking facility will be charged monthly administrative and / or transaction costs, which will be debited automatically from the customer's account.


  1. access Internet Banking service will be discontinued by the BRI BRI where:
    1. User Customer request the BRI to stop BRI access Internet Banking service which, among other permanently caused by the desire of the customer or Customer's own users The user has closed his account with a service connected Internet Banking BRI.
    2. receipt of a written report / oral Users of the Customer (Through verification data) concerning the alleged or known User ID and Password by another party who is not authorized.
    3. BRI implement a necessity in accordance with legislation and regulations.
  2. To reactivate the access termination services mentioned above, the user must contact the Customer Call BRI and to re-register in the branch account manager.


BRI User Customer will free from all charges any, in the case of BRI can not carry out the orders of the Customer Users either partly or wholly due to events or causes beyond the control or the ability of BRI including but not limited to any disruption of computer viruses or Trojan Horses systems or harmful components that may interfere with Internet service Banking BRI, web browser or computer system of BRI, User Customer, or Internet Service Provider, due to natural disasters, war, riot, state of equipment, system or transmission is not function, power failures, telecommunication problems, policy government, as well as other events or other causes beyond power or ability of BRI.


  1. Evidence User Customer orders over the Internet service Banking BRI is a mutation recorded in the Account or Savings BRI if the printed book.
  2. Users can contact the Customer BRI Call for any issues relating to the transactions and access to services Internet Banking BRI.
  3. BRI can change the terms and conditions at any time with prior notice to the Customer User in written form on the screen in the form of email or internet banking or through other means.
  4. User Customer is subject to the terms and regulations in effect at the BRI and the terms account opening / BRI card, including any changes that would notified in advance by the BRI in the form and means anything.